Tonight is our closing party and final Danish Flux Thursday! We have a lovely lineup of bands, screenings, presentations, and one gigantic surprise. Come visit before the Embassy comes down!

We have just a few days left here in the gallery – where did the time go? What is time, anyway?

May 2, 9pm+
Adrian Owen presents a very Fluxy Musical Extravaganza at the Embassy at Spanien 19C, with Ultimate COmbat Noise, Fækal Omsorg, Icelandic composers Magnus Jensson and Hallvardur Asgeirsson, and some very special guests.

May 3, 7pm+
Join us for our final Flux Thursday and closing party. The Embassy opens at 7pm, with dinner at 8:30 (Thai food!), and then presentations and performances by Anne Herzog, Julius Schmeidel, and more. Then the afrobeat band Addis Ababa is playing – and then it’s dancing and hygge with DJ Vinyl Richie through the night. We’ll miss you.

Last Friday, we completed our homemade raft and sailed down the canal here in Aarhus, starting near Institute for (X) and ending at the harbor. The river was streaming from the storm the day before, and we got stuck on a “fish step” under a bridge – we had to climb into the water and carry the vessels over. We drifted through the shopping district and into the long tunnel by the harbor, which we lit with torches. (It turns out it’s slimy, concrete, and stalactited under there.)  It was beautiful.

Today, we’re completing our rafts at Institute for (X) (D//Huset) and sailing down the canal this afternoon! We’ll probably make a music video. Join us!

(that definitely means the gallery is closed today)

Our Minister of Media and resident master of all things video, Jaime Iglehart, has been diligently working on PBF – Public Broad Fluxing. She’s been archiving our exploits here in Aarhus, from the discovery of the gallery, the Grand Pram Slam, live-action Muppets in Holstebro, all the way through the future.  You can see all of the episodes here!

Which one is your favorite? Let her know at

Last week, the students of Bifrost – a school for mentally handicapped adults based in Randers – came to visit us at the Embassy! The third Thursday in April happens to be National High Five Day in the United States (see? it’s real!), and of course, one of the many roles of the ambassador is to spread the joy of very important holidays. We decided to celebrate (Inter)national High Five Day in the highest fashion, by making costumes and holding a parade to a nearby park. There, we had a picnic and played field day games. Complete with sandwiches and sunshine: high fives for all!


What are we up to for our last weeks here, you ask? Why, you’re in luck! Here’s our schedule:

April 24, 7pm: Sound Healing Workshop
Finnish artist-in-residence-in-residence Sylvia Javén will lead a workshop on the transformative powers of healing through sound.

April 25-27: Raft-making! with Bureau Detours
In the vein of last summer’s Sea Worthy expeditions, Fluxers will lead a three-day workshop on raft-making with Bureau Detours at the Institute for (X) in Aarhus, concluding in a voyage down the Aarhus Å canal to Spanien 19C.

April 26, 6:30pm: Flux Factory at Godsbanen, Redux / Flux Thursday
Join us for a discussion alongside Joasia Krysa of Documenta Kassel and Polish artist and curator Agnieszka Wolodzko, as we discuss collectivity and the nature of Flux Factory in New York. The panel will be followed by a very, very special Flux Thursday at B//Huset at the Institute for (X), beginning at 9pm!

May 3: Closing Party / Final Flux Thursday
All good things must come to an end. Join us for a last hurrah at The Infamous Outpost installation at Spanien 19C before we pack our bags and head home! Dinner starts at 8:30, and then who knows what will happen?

And let’s not forget the butt-takes! These things are very important.

Flux TV #20 from New Age Beverages on Vimeo.

Are you squirming in your pants, wondering what the Drag Race / Grand Pram Slam performance at Godsbanen was like? Haunted by golden hot pants and carnivalesque prams? Or perhaps you would just like to re-live the memories, again and again? Now you can, courtesy of PBF!

(you’re the greatest, Jaime Idea)

…if you haven’t been to a fantastic dance party in some time, you should come to B-Husset at Institute for X tomorrow evening. Our in-house DJ’s Vinyl Richie and Wash Clothes will shake the rumpus room – like no other. Bring your hot pants.



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